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Targeted Breathable Supports

Targeted Breathable Supports Blend Compliance and Aesthetics

Unique medical devices offer superior compression and “breathability you can see”

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Gardner, KS (September 13, 2012) — Active Innovations, the medical division of Active Ankle Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of Cramer Products, Inc., is pleased to introduce the Targeted Breathable Support (TBS) line of elbow and knee supports. These unique supports are crafted with VentiPrene, a durable, lightweight, 1/8”-thick perforated neoprene. The material differs from standard neoprene in that it allows the skin to breathe while providing compression and warmth without overheating.

The elbow and knee supports both feature a four-way-stretch quilted lining, which allows for additional airflow and moisture control. Contoured silicone massagers in each product are placed strategically to prevent migration of the support and gently massage soft tissues. The elbow support includes a compression adjustment strap for better fit and control of compression on the forearm. Usage is ideal for treatment of elbow sprains, strains, edema from bursitis, and tendonitis. This support is also effective in the treatment and prevention of tennis and golfer’s elbow.

The knee and cartilage support features an open patella design. This provides pressure-free movement of the knee. A padded horseshoe insert surrounds the patella for additional support along with edema and migration control. The strategically placed contoured silicone massagers provide compression along the medial and lateral joint lines in providing relief and support for cartilage injuries. Usage is ideal for treatment of knee sprains, strains, instability, and edema from injury or other post-operative symptoms.

“We believe this unique product will provide superior compression and support allowing the user to continue the activities they enjoy” said Kelly Bauer, Active Innovations Director of Sales. “They will be able to wear the TBS longer and more comfortably because of its unique VentiPrene material.”

Additional highlights of Active Innovations’ Targeted Breathable Supports line includes:

  • New combination of soft, durable laminates
  • Perforated neoprene for “breathability you can see”
  • Mild compression and added proprioception increase joint stability and decrease pain and swelling to keep the user active
  • TBS Elbow Support available in small, medium, large and X-large sizes easily measured by forearm circumference.
  • TBS Knee and Cartilage Support available in small, medium, large, X-large, and XX-large sizes easily measured by mid-patella circumference.

To learn more about Targeted Breathable Supports and Active Innovations’ full line of medical devices and where to find distributors, please visit our “Medical Products” page at

NOTE TO EDITORS: Product spec sheet and high-resolution photographs are available upon request.

About Active Innovations

Active Innovations, the medical division of Active Ankle Systems, Inc., designs products for use by physical therapists, occupational therapists, podiatrists, orthopedists, and other physicians. Our proven products and stellar reputation are second-to-none. At Active Innovations, we work with medical professionals to develop products that prevent pain and injury and help patients heal as quickly and comfortably as possible, in the most appropriate way. Active Innovations’ family of products includes solutions for the foot, ankle, hand, and wrist.

These include:

  • Dorsal Night Splint (DNS), which comfortably and effectively relieves the painful symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis
  • Multi-Phase, which is the one ankle orthosis that provides treatment after an injury fully through the rehabilitation process and back to normal activity
  • CF Pro, a professional-grade ankle brace created for athletes who require customizable support
  • ProMed, which provides the comfort and mobility of a lace-up with added support provided by control of both the heel and the forefoot
  • Trigger Finger Solution (TFS), the world’s first versatile, non-invasive solution for painful trigger finger
  • Dynamic Wrist Orthosis (DWO), the only wrist brace that allows for safe lateral movement
  • Moldable Thumb Spica (MTS), which allows for short-term stabilization while allowing use of the hand

And the newly announced Targeted Breathable Support line of elbow and knee supports.

For more information about Active Innovations products, please visit

Kelly Bauer, 800-800-2896, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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