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Active Ankle Systems, Inc. Launches New Medical Division

Active Ankle Systems, Inc. Launches New Medical Division

Active Innovations fulfills medical needs beyond ankle-related products.

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JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. – (November 10, 2008) – Active Ankle Systems, Inc., a leader in high-function ankle supports for the athletic industry, today announced a new company division called Active Innovations. This new medical division is introduced as the company prepares to bring a number of new products to market. While Active Ankle currently markets several non-ankle products for medical use, this is the first time these products will have a common home in a distinct division.

After creating the industry’s first semi-rigid, hinged ankle support in 1989, Active Ankle began developing devices tailored to the medical field. The user-friendly Dorsal Night Splint for Plantar Fasciitis was launched in 2000 and the company’s Trigger Finger Solution was introduced in 2006. That same year, Active Ankle introduced their highly successful Multi-Phase ankle orthosis, the only brace on the market that can be tailored to each stage of ankle recovery from injury to recovery. Active Ankle and its new medical division have a dedicated engineering staff focused on meeting the demands of medical and physical therapy patients.

“While Active Ankle’s heritage is rooted in the athletic community, we realized the need to concentrate our strengths in product design to benefit medical patients outside the athletic training field,” said Glen Snow, Active Ankle president. “We thrive on the ideas we receive from rehab and medical professionals regarding products already on the market. Their ideas fuel our designs for improved devices and patient recovery – and that’s what Active Innovations is all about.”

Unlike most manufacturers of sports medicine and physical rehab products, Active Ankle and its medical division design all products from the ground-up through the company’s in-house engineering department.

“Not only do we understand the product – we understand the injury,” said Snow, a Certified Athletic Trainer.

Other popular devices in Active Ankle’s portfolio include the T1 and T2 ankle braces, the Chameleon multi-color ankle brace, and the recently released, carbon fiber-reinforced Volt ankle brace. Available upon request are additional details, imagery, and other information regarding Active Ankle’s innovative product line and its new medical division, Active Innovations.

About Active Ankle

Active Ankle Systems, Inc., purchased in July 2008 by Cramer Products, Inc., is a worldwide leader in the development of high-value, high-function ankle and foot products since 1989. Athletic trainers and physical therapists have long used the Active Ankle brace and other innovative products for injury care, prevention, and rehabilitation. Active Ankle is the official ankle support supplier and sponsor of USA Volleyball. Active Innovations, the new medical division of Active Ankle, designs products for use by physical therapists, podiatrists, orthopedists and other physicians. The Dorsal Night Splint, Trigger Finger Solution, and Multi-Phase ankle orthosis are currently available along with several new product launches scheduled for 2009.


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