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VOLT Product Review by Stephanie Bregman

Product Review: The New Active Ankle Volt Ankle Brace

August 04, 2009
by Stephanie Bregman
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Carbon Charged Protection

The Active Ankle VOLT was developed for the serious athlete. The Volt is an upgraded modification of the popular Active Ankle T1 and T2 hinged stirrup ankle brace, and is one of the most popular volleyball braces on the market.

The Volt ankle brace utilizes Active Ankle’s molded bearing designed hinge and combined it with a carbon reinforced frame overlying a polypropylene shell. Most hinged stirrup ankle braces contain plastic hinges and plastic stirrups, which distort over time and restrict your mobility.

The Volt brand ankle brace allows for more fluid motion and reduced bulk, and with the carbon reinforcement, provides superior strength and durability. The Volt, like the T2 by Active Ankle, utilize a feather-light E.V.A. padding that contours to the shape of the persons ankle. The patented design of the Volt reduces pain, increases ankle stability and provides ankle protection for athletes that suffer from ankle instability, chronic ankle sprains, and people who just want a stable preventative ankle brace.

Cramer Sports also modified the ribs along the sides of the stirrup, making them more rigid without increasing the bulk of the brace. The Volt is available in three different sizes and fits left or right ankles.

So if you have used the active ankle T1 or T2 in the past, the new volt will definitely be an upgrade to an already superior and supportive ankle brace.

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