Thursday, 21 February 2013 16:44

2012 Wayne Willoughby Mountain Climbing

Active Ankle spends the day climbing with Wayne Willoughby, who contracted paralytic polio as a baby and has suffered numerous surgeries and debilitating post polio syndrome ever since. Wayne gave our ankle braces a test drive while climbing.

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  • 2012-wayne-willoughby-mountain-climbing-03
  • 2012-wayne-willoughby-mountain-climbing-04
  • 2012-wayne-willoughby-mountain-climbing-05
  • 2012-wayne-willoughby-mountain-climbing-06
  • 2012-wayne-willoughby-mountain-climbing-07
  • 2012-wayne-willoughby-mountain-climbing-08
  • 2012-wayne-willoughby-mountain-climbing-09
  • 2012-wayne-willoughby-mountain-climbing-10
  • 2012-wayne-willoughby-mountain-climbing-11
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