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2012 Active Ankle Challenge at Oregon State

September 28th & 30th, 2012: The Active Ankle Challenge held in Corvallis, Oregon, featured teams Wisconsin (1-2) takes on Seattle (1-2), Cal State Fullerton (4-0) and Oregon State (3-1) in the round-robin tournament.

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  • 2012-aa-challenge-oregon-state-11
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  • 2012-aa-challenge-oregon-state-13
  • 2012-aa-challenge-oregon-state-14
  • 2012-aa-challenge-oregon-state-15
  • 2012-aa-challenge-oregon-state-16
  • 2012-aa-challenge-oregon-state-17
  • 2012-aa-challenge-oregon-state-18
  • 2012-aa-challenge-oregon-state-19
  • 2012-aa-challenge-oregon-state-20
  • 2012-aa-challenge-oregon-state-21
  • 2012-aa-challenge-oregon-state-22
  • 2012-aa-challenge-oregon-state-23
  • 2012-aa-challenge-oregon-state-24
  • 2012-aa-challenge-oregon-state-25
  • 2012-aa-challenge-oregon-state-26
  • 2012-aa-challenge-oregon-state-27
  • 2012-aa-challenge-oregon-state-28
  • 2012-aa-challenge-oregon-state-29
  • 2012-aa-challenge-oregon-state-30

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